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Veronica Q.

This is me when I cut my locs in February 2020. In June 2020, I started using VLAMM to promote the growth of my natural and coarse hair.








This is my hair growth a year later, in June 2021. I love VLAMM lavender because it soothes my very very tender scalp!

June 2021_edited.jpg

Ardelle O.

“ After I had my first child I experienced severe hair loss, specially around my edges. I looked horrendous, I told my family about it. My mum talked to me about VLAMM I was desperate to try anything. I started using it didn’t think anything of it, but kept using it. After 3-4 months I looked at my hair and I was like SO HAPPY about the change I saw and my edge had come back with full force! I am still using this product and my hair has grown SO MUCH. I love this product! And so does my girls!”


Stacie R.

I've been using VLAMM for 2 months. I have naturally curly hair and use VLAMM hair creme to tame and define the curls.

It has made my hair thicker and healthier.  I love it! 

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