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VLAMM Hair Crème softens and nourishes your hair to make it more manageable. 

VLAMM Hair Crème is for all hair types, straight, wavy, curly to coily, that can be purchased online, through retailers and beauty salons to everyone who wants healthy full hair and a balanced scalp.


Unlike hair creams from our competitors, our VLAMM Hair Crème contains a blend of 5 unique all-natural oils sourced directly from farmers in Cameroon, Africa. Because our hair crème has no water added as a filler, our blend of unique oils results in a smooth, creamy texture that creates thicker and healthier hair. 




Mèn yéga bèh ooo. I greet you from Superior, WI.  I am a member of the Bàsàa people of Cameroon. My tribal name is Ngo Ngué Djumbè. My legal name is Micheline Bayiha.

In 2020, I teamed up with my daughters to dream about ways to meaningfully stay connected to our homeland. The motherland, Africa. We created BAYNYE, an association founded to strengthen the management and growth of cultural and creative startups in Cameroon. Through this infrastructure, we provide technical skills to inspire women entrepreneurs.


VLAMM is a hair care product that grew from this endeavor.

VLAMM is Laurentine Onat's nature blend of Africa’s biological diversity.

Meet Our Team

Laurentine Onat


I am Laurentine Onat. I belong to the Eton people of Cameroon. I love chemistry because I get to work with my hands. In the last 4 years, I have been developing a natural hair care product to nourish and grow hair. Through BAYNYE, I gained access to micro-financing to grow my business and bring visibility to the products I am developing. Thank you for endorsing VLAMM. 

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